Something Wicked This Way Comes

Oct 31 – Nov 11

Two boys are lured to a mysterious carnival that passes through their town. Soon they discover the diabolical truths behind the funhouse mirror maze and its eerie cast of characters. The boys fight to save their town from this sinister carnival that threatens to destroy it.

S#!tfaced Shakespeare

Nov 30 – Dec 31

This play combines the literary academics of Shakespeare with the maniacal tomfoolery of a totally smashed cast member! Audiences get to pick the play and which actor they would like to see stumble through Shakespeare after imbibing a few shots of whiskey! **Not associated with the UK Magnificent Bastard Production.**

I Am My Own Wife

March 7 – March 16

This Pulitzer and Tony award-winning show, written by Doug Wright, is based on a true story about an East German transgender woman, Charlotte von Mahlsdorf. The play is a vivid portrayal of a unique person whose ability to endure and survive the Nazi onslaught and the repressive East German regime is a fascinating and stirring tale.